Casio CT-640 Casiotone keyboard electronic piano working portable synthesizer

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12.50 LBS. 36.5x 12.5x 3

465 sound tone bank.

Something loose inside like a screw.

Has very light hum sometimes, but mostly not noticable, maybe not correct power supply, although it is 9 volts.

No stand no music rack.

Has large headphone jack output left front corner not shown in photos.

Comes with working non Casio power supply. also runs on batteries battery box is a little dirty not tested.

Lots of black marker writing and scratches on bottom.

Demo sound is very good with no issues. Nice vintage synthesizer sound.

However, Sound is very good out of both speakers, although if the unit is sitting the first time you hit a key there is a short quarter second light soft buzz sound this goes away if you are continually hitting the keys. Again maybe a different power supply May fix this maybe not. as long as you do not hesitate too long in between keystrokes it shouldn't be a problem during a song.

Scratch between the Rhythm volume and cord MIDI, just below.

All white and black keys have been tested and are working.

I couldn't resist testing all the different tone bank sounds all the sounds on both rows are working.

No other testing has been done and it is sold as is.