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Length box 8x5x1.5

Model VP6273


With instructions. Uses Two AAA batteries. Great for use with laptop or power point presentations. 715262062733 SMK-Link Bluetooth Calculator Keypad for Mac and PC.

Built-in Fully Functional Calculator . User-friendly 10-key Calculator Keypad . Fully Compatible with Mac and Windows OS . Built-in Bluetooth Technology for the Ultimate Wireless Experience. The VP6273 Bluetooth Calculator Keypad increases productivity for notebook users. This Bluetooth numeric keypad combines the functions of a ten-key for spreadsheet data entry and a standalone calculator for the ultimate convenience. The VP6273 features an on/off switch, 12-digit LCD display and OS selector switch for 100% Mac/Windows compatibility. A built-in SEND key sends the calculated result directly into a spreadsheet to eliminate typing errors. No need to carry a receiver dongle when used with a Bluetooth system, the device offers Bluetooth transmission range up to 33 foot / 10-meter. Carry the 2-in-1 Bluetooth Calculator Keypad and travel light. Designed to increase the effectiveness of PowerPoint presentations.