AS-IS 14" Avon Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Ornaments 23+angel, NO ROTATE Music

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2.05 LB. 14x7x7

Update 12/23/18.

As you can see from the second photo this has two large chips on the edge of the top of the base as well as a small cut on the round rotating base you should be able to see the three things in the second photo.

Missing one of the 24 ornaments so you get 23 ornaments plus the angel. as well as the wrap around Garland you will have to adjust the bendable tree branches upon setting up.

This tree does not rotate however the post does rotate I believe there is a plastic grommet on the inside that has broken making it not tight up against the purple grommet that holds and attaches to the tree so that purple peace is a bit tipped on the inside however it straightens out when you attach the tree. But again the tree does not rotate only the metal post does but there's not enough friction to make it rotate the tree due to a broken connecting part I believe you would have to probably take the this apart and maybe put some sort of gum or other grommet to get it to fit tight.

We put new batteries and so the lights are flashing. The music box repeats song multiple times on one wind and is loud enough, I do not believe anything is wrong with the sound.

AS-IS, has a edge chips on one sidemark on the top edge of the base piece. HAS ALL THE BOXES, 23 of 24 ornaments. SOLD AS-IS.

I believe this is Avon, have tested lights. Is not revolving. Music is good.

Listing mostly updated.

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