AS-IS Roland XP-50 Electronic Keyboard Piano Synthesizer Workstation XP50

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LBS 20

Length 40x13x4

MAY HAVE PROBLEMS FROM WORKING TO NOT WORKING TO WORKING AGAIN. Originally when first tested on a guitar amp everything was working except the Key marked "E" does not work, and the display was faint. All the other keys work. However after messing with it, a second time it was not working at all, after a third testing it was working again as before except now LCD screen is just orange, no longer dim.... First we noticed the display quit working, then the the little red led lights quit working, and also no sound, but now back to semi working with sound. SO SOLD AS-IS as Shown.


When last tested when playing with this we could get many different types of sounds. Also the whammy left right knob is working. Volume is working. Midi out works, tested on a guitar amp. Effects thumb wheels works and changes through different sound effects. FLoppy drive is untested and is AS-IS condtion. NO Returns. AGAIN SINCE THE LAST TEST THIS HAS BECOME SEMI WORKING AGAIN.

SOME SUGGESTED (at your own risk) INTERNET SOLUTIONS TO THE NON WORKING DISPLAY: 1. Remove pin #3 wire from CN14 and connect to pcb mainboard ground (red wire in position 1 on same CN14). Which will lock the display to max and no longer be adjustable.2. replace the CR2032 battery before trying this. Or 3. Change the capacitors - C901 ( 16V 330MicroF)- C65 (I used 5V 4.7 MicroF)- C 902 (suggested 16V 330 MicroF). The first option 1 is the easiest and should work, see videos on internet for these suggestions. However since the "E" Key is not working it might be best to do a full restore since you'll likely be taking off more than just the back cover to fix this key. However did not research the key fix problem. Fix at your own risk, no returns. Sold AS-IS.