AS-IS Orange Red Portable GE Record Player LP Automatic Solid State Suitcase Vintage

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Selling for parts or repair.

Needs new belt (if belt driven) or new motor or contacts on speed switch cleaned. At the very least taken apart and cleaned and lubed, worst case new motor. Excellent YouTube video on net on how to do this with slightly different GE model.

Sound plays slow. Doesn't stop and turn off automatically unless you push the platter after you turn off. Needs manually pushed til "warms up" still runs slow even after getting going. Seems to work faster on 45 speed than 78 is why we think the contacts on this switch need cleaned.

The LP drop and return works.

Comes Original "GE" marked 45 Adaptor.

 Nice Harder to find color: Reddish Orange Portable GE record player suitcase style case. Color is between a Orange and Red, but leaning Orange compared to another true red item compared against. 

4 Speed and 3 record sizes accepted. 7 10 12 size selector works lays down in correct size. Speeds do switch with noticeable difference however all play slow. Needle working, sound quality through built in speaker is fair.

Maybe Model V635m , but you verify. 

 Sold-AS-IS, see CONDITON IN ACTION on our Facebook video 4/15/21.