AS-IS John Deere 21" PowerDrive Self Propelled Lawnmower Power Drive Lawn Mower

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Price is for Pickup only. Has Bag, has . Shipped price is $199 plus shipping on request.

Last year it ran, power was a bit weak at that time, but it did start and power drive was functional.

It has sat outside for a year. Tried to start, now will not start. Maybe bad gas. However you will definitely need to adjust and do a spark and air cleaner. The power drive did work when last tested, but I would recommend a new belt as it will grab stronger and probably a new blade if you want peak performance. However you maybe able to get away with just a plug and cleaner and new gas. Worst case, you will need a carb adjustment and or some sort of electronic start fix if applicable, this is a pull start unit, but it may have some sort of coil or something, I'm not sure.

So it does need some work.

Local Pickup Only: If you service it and it doesn't work afterwards, we will refund you if done within 30 days of payment, however we WILL NOT be responsible with ANY COST you may incur while testing the unit to make it better, only the original amount will be refundable.