Arnold Friberg "The Risen Lord" art print 'Christ Appearing to the Nephites' "Light of Christ" LDS Mormon

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Original Print has "The Gospel in Art" Publishers embossed mark in the lower right corner.

Framed by Michaels.

Frame is about 32 X 25 inches. Art area is about 25 X 18 inches.


Arnold Friberg painted the original sometime in the 1952-1955.

Arnold Friberg art print 'Christ Appearing to the Nephites' appears to have been renamed "The Risen Lord" to appeal beyond an LDS audience.

This particular work was never sold to the church because the brethren of the church had asked Friberg to paint the robe of Christ to cover his chest and Arnold refused and kept the painting. Then Friberg apparently retouched the original painting before he sold it to the LDS church in 2005 and you get the brighter retitled "Light of Christ" version of the same painting.

Friberg is most noted for the work entitled "George Washington Prayer at Valley Forge". 2010 estimated value 12 million.

He passed in 2010 at age 96.