AR-2A Dark Speakers PAIR Acoustic Research Vintage 1960s AR2a Set

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Probably stained darker. AR-2a

These have NOT been tested and sold AS-IS.

Checking with a flashlight, the big speakers are printed with the words "Boston Rally Series" which I'm assuming are replacements. The tweeter and two smaller cone speakers appear to be original. No visual damage to the speakers, cones look good on all. Tweeters not dented.

33.25 LBS 24x13.5x11.5

33.45 LBS 24x13.5x11.5

Total weight 66.7 Total 24x27x11.5

Both of the emblems are missing. 

These have various nicks scrapes and chips there is one bigger chip on the front right lower corner grill surround, uncovering white plaster? 

These grill surrounds have been screwed down along the front.