Adler Tippa 1 Portable Typewriter West Germany Vintage

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LBS 10.1

Length 12xx12x3

Piece chipped off under top cover under left screw,still have the piece but it is chipped off (Apparently these screws loosen over time, and if you try to tighten them to much they will break the plastic at these corners. A very common problem, poor design.)

Case top has a corner crack. Case handle is dirty, may or may not clean up.

Uppercase letters not printing top half, may need new ribbon or adjustment. Bell works when sliding the carriage, but not when hitting spaces, might need adjustment or setting change.


All lowercase letters seem to work, some stick every now and then, need cleaning or oiling. Margin adjust appears to work. Space bar works. Switching from black to red ink works. See test paper, this is after been sitting for many years, needs tuneup. SOLD AS-IS, no returns, no shipping refunds for any reason.