1960s Teisco Del Rey ET-312 Sharkfin Shark Fin Vintage Guitar Electric AS-IS

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Pickup Only. Do not order unless you can pickup.

However, If you do need it shipped we can put you on a contact list, if it is ever auctioned off.

40x12x2 , if neck taken off length of neck is 27" & 7.95 lbs.

Taking neck off might reduced shipping charge and add protection.

Maybe 1966-69 period.

One tuner missing.

Two surface cracks or much deeper close to the neck on the body, the only way I think you would know if if you sanded down the finish to see how deep; see two photos.

I was told by a collector that this has a zero fret and is factory installed; its unusual as it is a fret added close to the tuner side of the neck, see photo.

No whammy bar, it is missing.

This is sold as is - for parts or repair.

On the plug in test. 
So three strings tested worked. 
The fourth string one tuner that is left closest to the frets in not turning the string.

Played two of the strings, checked for fret buzz, didn't seem to have any, but harder to tell than an acoustic guitar because of the "sound" normal distorition, however I think the neck is straight, and the highest pitch fret is with good press down distance, not a big gap.

The tone knob seems to work the first volume knob after that appears to be the main volume knob and is working, the next volume knob works but I would say adjusts in a lower range or tighter range? And then the last volume knob seems to work depending on what switch you have on or off, but kind of hard to determine, compared to the other two volume knobs which are easy to tell.

The black switch works, from a cleaner to a louder with distortion sound.
Then the first white close to that, seems to have an on off ability.
The next two switches the red one, seems to work depending on what the other switch is set at.
The last switch is hard to figure out, maybe this is to control loudest volume only and is more hard to detect depending on where the last volume knob is set??
I'm assuming these switches are to turn each level of volume knob on and off.

So basically the pickups are working. 3 of the knobs are working. Two of the switches are working.
And we believe the last knob and switch may be working, but have a finer adjustment for very maximum output? "to basically play softly" when max output is on, but the other switches are off????

Is it a cream color some nicks and wear as seen in the photos.


Right now we are not very interested in shipping this guitar, however if shipping may be possible but may have to loosen and remove the neck I've been told it's not glued on; if it's glued I will not to take it apart and shipping may get expensive.

Please contact us before you place any order or bid if you want this shipped, as you will not be able to checkout.