5 KLH Speakers Set Surround 1230-SB 9930 Stands

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Two large fronts. 23.4 LBS each. 25.5x14x9.25

Speakers Receiver Tested. (We believe one tweeter may not be working on one of the large speakers, however its is a bit difficult to tell. With all the speakers hooked up this will not be very easy to tell, if at all.) 

Two small rear and center. (Speakers Receiver Test good) 

Rear 2.35 LBS each and 8.5x5.5x5 & Center 5.4 LBS and 17x6x5.5

Two Stands for small rear. 7.6 LBS each and 31 inches tall 10x10 base.

Sold AS-IS as shown. These have no major visible damage, however may have normal use.