32cc 2-Cycle Craftsman Rototiller Garden Mini Tiller Cultivator Gas 40:1

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Pick up only.

Tried to start, would not start.

Cord pulls and retracts. Switch flips as it should. Primer bulb is ok. Gas tank appears to be holding.

Will need full tune up, may or may not have other issues.

 SOLD AS-IS , NO RETURNS for any reason.

We believe this is a 32-cc 2-Cycle 9-in Forward-rotating Gas Cultivator
Although we have not actually verified the tine size, it is probably a 9 or 10 inch.

We are guessing these are Forward rotating tines.

We do not know if this one will Adjust tilling width to match your job; smaller width is perfect for weeding between rows of vegetables and in between landscaping

Steel tines can cut into various types of soil with minimal effort

Engine Type 2-cycle
Engine Displacement (Cu. Centimeters) 32
Color Red
Fuel Mix Ratio 40:1
Start Type Standard recoil
Maximum Tilling Width (Inches) 9
Maximum Tilling Depth (Inches) 5
Tine Rotation Type Forward-rotating
Edger Kit NO
Warranty, NONE