(3) HT750 Motorola Two-Way Portable Handheld Radio Walkie Talkie

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UNTESTED, SOLD AS IS, NO RETURNS, NO REFUNDS, FOR ANY REASON. You get what is shown, 3 HT750 Radios, that have untested batteries. One led light turns green for a second and then turns dies. These have been sitting for atleast a year, probably longer. A battery from a different sized motorala radio is included but untested, and also AS-IS., if you don't want this misc battery let me know before you pay. ONE CHARGING BASE IS INCLUDED, WITHOUT POWER SUPPLY, this may take a 18V Power Adapter but please do your own research on this first before use, match polarity sticker, female negative, positive male. The base says 18V output, but doesn't state Amperage, but I've seen 900mA and 1000mA listed on some power supplies.