Log 24X21" Elephant 3 Head Carved Art Table Wood Carving African Spirit Animal Wooden

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24.5" Tall. Across Top 21.5" and 10.5" Bottom base. 

TWO TUSKS ARE MISSING, these are pieces of wood that were designed to be glued in, they are not broken off.

Pre-Owned, Some cracking, some damage. Sold AS-IS as shown. No returns.

Spectacular custom carved table, surely a unique conversation piece. Features 3 large full length detailed elephant heads encircling the beautifully log ringed center.

Very solid and stable, although some thick paper was added to maybe even-out. This is a heavy piece.

This could be used for display as a sculpture but would also look great with a round glass top, which I believe was probably its intended use as it has flat touch point spots on the top for such. The glass would allow for all the detail to show through. Could also be used for a large flower pot stand, although, I would seal it again with another coat of clear varnish to keep the water out.