26 Scout Huffy Mountain Bike Disc Brakes Bicycle Grey Small Young Adult Short MTB

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26 Scout Huffy Mountain Bike Disc Brakes Bicycle Grey Small Young Adult Short MTB

Probably 5' 6" or shorter people. This has a small frame.

Good tires appear to be holding air. A few scratches to the decals.

Advertising Below - Original Retail was $113.

Huffy Scout 26" Mountain Bike. This bike has the specs you need to explore the outdoors. The 21-speed twist shifting system with a Shimano 7-speed rear indexed derailleur consistently shifts for quick adjustments when venturing uphill or accelerating on level ground. Ride with confidence on this one-of-a-kind bike featuring dual disc brakes. Front and rear dual disc brakes provide reliable stopping action in all types of weather conditions. These brakes are especially handy for climbs and descents, and for a more consistent response in muddy or rocky terrain. With disc brakes, this bike allows the use of wider tires for maximum traction in wet or dry conditions, and for greater rolling momentum. Wider tires increase momentum with less exertion, a characteristic you appreciate more, the further you ride. The front suspension is precision-crafted for a responsive ride, while the 3-piece steel crank remains durable for many years of use. This bike's enlarged headtube and angular-shaped rims complement this stylish bike with added performance. The padded ATB saddle is designed for comfort and style, plus the quick-release binder clip makes it easy to adjust as needed. The slight-rise handlebar encourages a more comfortable riding stance for increased confidence as you tackle trails. Get ready for exhilarating rides on the Huffy Scout. From Huffy. We Make Fun.

Huffy 26 In. Scout Men's Mountain Bike, Gray:

FEATURE: 21-speed bike's twist shifting system with Shimano rear derailleur delivers consistent response for uphill and downhill rides.
Frame: Hardtail frame and front suspension fork combine for great riding over a mix of terrain.
Brakes: Dual disc brakes provide a more consistent response and stopping action in wet conditions as well as dry weather.
Speeds: 21-speed mountain bike has smooth twist shifting with the rear Shimano 7-speed indexed derailleur.
Tires: Dual disc brakes enable use of wider tires for greater traction on any terrain.
Seat: Padded saddle, with durable stitching, can be easily adjusted to the right height.
Rims: Strong, alloy double-walled rims are lightweight and complete this style with an edgy, aero-dynamic design.
Grips: Huffy-branded Krayton grips provide a performance style and comfort feel.
Handlebar: Slight-rise handlebar encourages the proper posture for increased comfort.
Pedals: ATB resin mountain bike pedals have just the right amount of grip.
Carton Dimensions: Length: 54.33", by Width: 8.27", by Height: 45.76"
Package Weight: 45.8 lbs.