2085CL Gold Medal Popcorn Machine Maker Commercial

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Pickup or ship to Blackfoot or Idaho Falls Idaho. Beyond that distance you must contact first for a higher shipped price.

UNTESTED, or do not remember if the heating and stir motor on this unit works, however when we test we only see if the bucket gets hot, and if the light comes on and stir switch works, we do not pop actual corn in it on test. 

This needs a heavy cleaning before use.

If your driving some distance to pickup please let us know so we can retest the stir and heat before you come. 

It will be sold/priced as stirring and getting hot, beyond that no further testing will be done and is SOLD AS-IS.

We have one other popcorn machine available, slightly smaller I believe.

----------------Below info is ad info only on this model, may not be correct.____________

Retail New Price was $568 when first released.

Gold Medal® 2085CL - 6 oz. Popcorn Popper is a must for movie theatre popcorn in a jiffy! The smaller size is great for venues that are tight on space.

What is Gold Medal?
Since the 1930s, Gold Medal has been producing fun fair and concession products. Although it started during the Great Depression, the company thrived and has since become a leader in its industry on a global level. In addition to creating classic items like this Gold Medal popcorn popper, the brand is known for its innovative products that really set it apart when it comes to concession stand items. The company employs over 500 people in 15 different locations in the United States.

Gold Medal® 2085CL - 6 oz. Popcorn Popper Specifications
Small, but mighty, this Gold Medal popcorn popper will surely impress when you see it in action. Made with tempered glass windows and bright blue accents, the brilliant color will call out to people walking by and get their attention to stop for some freshly popped popcorn. This Gold Medal popcorn popper is very efficient and is able to pop approximately 120 quarts of popcorn in an hour. There is a heated corn pan to keep your tasty snack nice and warm.

Where to Use the Gold Medal® 2085CL - 6 oz. Popcorn Popper?
Planning a school fundraiser? This petite Gold Medal popcorn popper is perfect! It would also be great for any large backyard parties or charity carnivals since it works very fast, which means less of a wait time for those who want a delicious snack. A Gold Medal popcorn popper can also be used in convenience stores and next to concessions stands.

Policies & plans
Commercial grade
3 minute popping cycle produces 100-120 quarts of theatre quality popcorn per hour
Popcorn scoop included
Twist lock plug twists and locks into the popper ceiling to avoid plug fallout during popping
Unimax stainless steel kettle is removable for cleaning
Tempered glass windows
Dual swing out acrylic doors contain "How to" popping instructions, as well as care and cleaning instructions
Twin arm kettle suspension design for safety and stability
Heated corn pan for fresh warm popcorn all day long
Accessories include metal popcorn scoop, measuring scoops for corn, oil, salt and a 65 watt reflector flood bulb to illuminate the cabinet
Conveniently operates on 110 circuit
1220 watts, 10 amps, 120 volts
Weight: 64 pounds
UL and NSF approved
Recommended cart for use with this machine is 90025