1852 Doctrine and Covenants Joseph Smith Pioneer Swanner LDS Mormon

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1852 Doctrine and Covenants, Third European Edition

Top of spine chipped off.

Very well could be original binding. Contains Lectures on Faith in the front.

Pre-Owned by Samuel Swanner 1867, when he wrote his name in this book he was 15 years old, and is probably Pioneer Samuel Cole Swanner Jr. who at age 11 travelled in 1863 Overland to Utah. Hard to know if this book was a gift at birth, but possible based on the relative dates. Born 1852-1941, Teton Hayden County Area https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/5321661/samuel-cole-swanner and https://content.byui.edu/file/a87ca025-2846-46a2-a035-565d2fb541e7/1/mssi50_126_SterlingCSwanner.pdf