12" ARCHER INDIAN CHIEF TROPHY Archery award metal VTG FAUX Gold Marble Statue

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“NOS New OId Stock with plate loss.”

Indian Chief in headdress and bow at full string.

I'm guessing this is from the 1970s, however it may be older or newer.

Its a Gold TONE with, I believe, a weighted Plastic Base.

Total weight 5 lbs and 11.5" tall, measurement includes the base.

I believe it to originally be sold as a Trophy, however maybe considered a statue since no plaque has ever been mounted to it.

I believe it is NOS, new old stock, however it does have some Gilt Plate Loss (SEE PHOTOS).

It is sold as is. Shipped double boxed.

Vintage, Rare and Unique. I cannot find another one like its so I'm unsure of its value.