10K ERNST Employee Brass Belt Buckle OC Tanner Pin Home Improvement Hardware Store Rare

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10K ERNST Employee Award Brass Belt Buckle OC Tanner Pin

Home Improvement Nursery Retail Hardware Store


3 items included.

Brass Belt Buckle (we believe the emblem on the buckle is 10K with diamond) we have not tested this yet.)

10K Emblem Pin

Home Shaped Pin Diamond ?

Wikipedia: Ernst Home Centers, Inc. was a chain of home improvement retail stores founded in Seattle, Washington, United States. Ernst was started in 1893 by Seattle brothers Charles and Fred Ernst and in 1960 became a division of Pay 'n Save, one of the largest retail companies in the Northwest. After a 1984 takeover of Pay 'n Save, Ernst was sold off and went public in 1994. Following several highly publicized lawsuits and a failed attempt to open larger stores, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1996 and liquidated in early 1997. At the company's peak, it operated 95 stores in 12 western U.S. states.