Toyota SDK7 Skid-Steer Loader Lift Diapet Yonezawa 1:22 Scale Diecast construction toy skidsteer sdk 7

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Pre-owned. Loose. No box. Small

5 X 3 X 3.5 inches Small.

Top corner above the bucket has a broken piece missing. I assume this is some sort of "hoop" that is used to tie down or attach things to. See photos.

Model to scale of the Toyota SCK 7 front loader.

The model is black and orange plastic with wheels that appear to be made of some type of rubber. The toy bears official Toyota and SDK 7 logos. The wheels turn and the loader raises and lowers partially, only a few inches, with some resistance, maybe if you oil the sliders it will reach higher. The bottom of the toy reads: "Yonezawa Diapet TOYOTA SKID-STEER LOADER Made in Japan" and bears the numbers 1/22 and 014. I believe the 1/22 may indicate the scale of the model.