Request Auction Process

Merchandise is sold on third party platforms.

  • Found Downtown - Reverse Sale (Starting price is high and then reduced until a customer claims the item.) Follow Found Downtown on Facebook to be notified of sales. Shipping and Pickup Available.
  • eBay -  Request eBay Auction on an item your interested in. If approved item will be sent Auction. Please indicate your requested start price and specify your how soon you need to pickup and/or your shipping zip code.
  • "Bargain" items are sold without reserve with minimum $1, if the minimum is not met additional items will be added til a customer claims the lot.
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eBay Auction Request Information that must be included in your email:

All Auction Requests will be responded to ASAP; within 24 hours.

  1. How you would like to receive the item. 1A, 1B, or 1C.
  2. Total Auction Start Price Offer, will be the auction start price.
  3. ITEM Title
  • 1A = Include "PICK UP". Pocatello Idaho.
  • 1B = Include "DELIVERY" to Pocatello, Blackfoot or Idaho Falls Idaho.
  • 1C =Include "SHIPPED TO ZIP CODE".

1 Explained: Select either Pocatello PICK UP or your ship to ZIP CODE , with your auction start price offer. This helps us determine if the item can be sent to auction, due to something like a size restriction.

2 Explained: Total Auction Start Price Offer is either Free Pickup or Free Shipping. Either way this helps us understand your offer and how to setup the auction. Make sure to include your zip code.

Our Reply Email:

Once a reasonable Auction Start Price Offer is made, we will revise the current listing to your Auction offer price or our counter offer Auction price and reply to your email offer ASAP. Be aware that at the time the price revision and email reply is approved and made the revised listing will be made available to everyone; we do not layaway or hold items.

The goal of "Auction" is to remove items from inventory quickly at the lowest market price; thus rewarding and retaining satisfied customers. We strive to be fair in all customer relationships.

Buyer understands the item they are purchasing is sold AS-IS, AS-SHOWN, with NO WARRANTY, NO RETURNS and NO CASH REFUNDS of any kind.  Local buyers may be eligible for exchanges only.

However, buyer may request additional services and/or conditions with your offer.

Buyer Request Examples: Item must be cleaned. Item must be working. Offer is contingent on receiving additional photos of all six sides of the item. Offer price includes insurance. Item must be shipped day of payment or request speed of shipping service. Must offer returns if doesn't fit. 30 day Warranty. ETC.
Please balance any additional services/conditions with your offer amount. Additional services may slightly decrease your chances of your offer being accepted and/or slightly increase counter offer price.

Items listed with AS-IS in the title indicate some sort of obvious defect in the item being offered, so base your offer accordingly. If you cannot see the defect in the photo or the defect is not listed in the item title, you may request what the defect is if you want that information added to the revised listing.

We may or may not add additional information to the revised listing if it is not requested with buyer offer. The more reasonable the offer the more closely items are examined before we revise a listing.

Please closely examine the revised listing before you checkout.  A restocking fee not greater than 20% may be applied to cover any handling and/or processing fees if you decide to cancel an order after you have checked out whether the item has shipped or not.