14" White Dot Remo Controlled Sound Coated Drumhead Drum Head Snare

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14" White Dot Coated Controlled

Remo's Coated Controlled Sound drumheads have both medium- and heavy-duty drumhead characteristics. The outer area of the head's playing surface offers mid-range tone and sensitivity while the laminated center dot adds durability and tonal focus. Coated Controlled Sound heads are one of Remo's most popular snare drumheads. You'll see them on the snare drums of a wide range of drummers such as Lars Ulrich, Matt Cameron, Greg Bissonette, Rich Redmond, and many more. They've made the Coated Controlled Sound head their own, and so could you. Remo Coated Controlled Sound 14" Snare Drumhead Features:

  • Snare drumhead designed for a focused sound
  • 14" diameter
  • Partially coated surface
  • Laminated white dot center
Remo's Coated Controlled Sound 14" snare drumhead