1950s H.N.White King Single French Horn F Eb Model 1156 HN w/ Case

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Most HN White French Horns are "KING" horns, this one has had most of the plating wear off and DOES NOT SAY "KING" on it, however is most likely was a "King" instrument.

1950s H.N.White King? Single French Horn F Eb Model 1156 is in fair cosmetic condition. Slides are greased. Has dents over some of the horn some worse than others. Some wear from use. May need an overhaul before use but everything was kept in playable condition up until the recent past. Buttons are good. Slides all move in/out easy. Case is in fair shape.

Was told this is a model 1156 which came with the extra slide for Eb. I could be wrong, you be the judge. See photos. I am not an expert, please ask with any questions you may have.


1950s H.N.White King? Single French Horn
Eb Slide?

Unmarked Mouthpiece , does fit.

Hard Case,

Does NOT have the tubing piece that usually comes on the other side of the case.