Animated Pinocchio Disney Singing Telco Christmas Marionette Puppet Display w/ box

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Pickup only. (Shipped price higher on request.)

3.2 LBS 14x8x8.5 " in retail box with stand.


Three AA batteries required, not included, make sure you use new batteries otherwise the unit will not move (head mouth) even if the sound works, with old batteries.

Please note: When putting into storage, you will want to remove the batteries. Please add new batteries when the Christmas season begins each year.

You may need to manually move the lower mouth to get the unit started after turning the switch on for the very first time. Not sure if these use lubricated gears or not, but on units we tested, after sitting along time, they needed a little boost on the first go around. After a running a couple times no more help was needed and ran just fine afterwards without help through many cycles of testing.

The elastic strings that hold his arms and legs are in excellent condition (please see pictures for more detail) Pinocchio's mouth moves and his arms and legs dance (jiggle from the movement of the head) around like a marionette as the music plays.

Unit is very sensitive to re-activating automatically. Movement and sound quality is good and clear.

Pinocchio refers to Christmas when he sings, so this is a seasonal Christmas Time Display as he only does the one song. 

Switch and battery cover with screw are in good condition (battery box is clean), however be very careful as the screw tab is known to be easy to break. You will need a very small phillips head screwdriver.

Has Stand, but the height lock, thumb bolt has been lost and replaced with a standard bolt the fits and works fine, looks ok although a bit long, you may want to find a shorter replacement.

We do not have the instruction paper. The box has slight wear from age and handling and maybe missing a piece that may have hide the inner top flaps as they look a little funny loose in the box.


-------------------------------NEED TWO of these ??------------------------------------

**2ND Working UNIT AVAILABLE** at a lower additional cost or sold separately.

IF YOU DO NOT REQUIRE A BOX AND STAND, WE HAVE A SECOND WORKING UNIT that works just as well, in fact the head seams to move a bit faster although the sensitivity to automatically turning on isn't as sensitive as the above unit, which might be a good thing. The front elastic head string has been stretched long and should probably be made shorter so he isn't at a slant when held upright. The condition is only slightly not as good as far as the brightness of the outfit. Otherwise they are pretty much the same. (battery box is clean)