Chance Capstan Pulley Block Hoist Ratchet Pully Tool Metal Hook Lift Vintage Farmhouse Decor Farm

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"Chance Capstan Pulley Block 4000T Centralia MO."

Chance Capstan Pulley (We believe this system is the upper half, and you connect with rope with a double pulley on the bottom.) To create a : CHANCE CAPSTAN ROPE BLOCK AND TACKLE DOUBLE PULLEY COME ALONG LIFTING GEAR

Hoist Ratchet Pully Pulley Tool Metal Hook Lift Vintage Original Farmhouse Decor Farm

Ratchet action works, not tested with rope, cable or chain. Probably designed for rope.

Not sure if the ribs have enough profile to still grab and pull up.

This might be rated 4000 LBS when new; however we are strictly selling this as a display collectible only.

Should not be used with anything of considerable weight unless fully inspected by an expert at your own cost and risk.

Sold as is.