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LBS Boxed 1.35 (Photos show the watch in Spanish on a goggle account , and in English after it was reset without an account attached. You pick your language on setup on reset.)

Store return or display. SOLD AS-IS, NO RETURNS FOR ANY REASON. Fully Tested.

Comes with charge cord, magnet attach on back. Box is torn, some papers, etc.

Watch is Stainless, not gold tone. Close up first picture shows color.

47mm, 732244798, 796483350861

Store return or display, box has corner rip and inner flap rip. Watch may have slight use. This was originally released about two years ago. We tested by downloading the App to Ipad2 and bluetooth linked to the watch without any problems. The app is called "Wear OS" (No longer called "Android Wear") by Google and is free and still updateable. Normally you would download app to your phone and then link your phone to your watch, however we didn't want the app on our phone for testing, so used an iPad2 just fine.

Estimated wrist size, probably designed for 8 inches around. Band latched at 8.25 inches but too tight. If you need the band adjusted you will need to take it to a shop that sells watches and probably pay a fee to add or remove a link. (NO EXTRA LINKS ever came with this watch).

Recently Tested: This only holds a charge like a phone, if you use it heavy you might only get a 8am-5pm day out of it, normally you will be able to get a full day out of it, have 30 percent charge left, but have to charge it every night, otherwise it will be dead by morning. If you let it sit fully charged without using it it will last around 3-3.5-4 days til it is fully depleted. Watch takes about 4 hrs to charge from a fully depleted state. After 12 hours the loss was about 9 percent without use after being fully charged. Magnetic stick to charger, and cord will glow red when charging to tell you, you have it on the back of the watch correctly, as it may slip off easily if bumped.

Please see the internet for other feature on this watch. All these test results were done in February of 2020 and has since just been sitting. Photos show exact watch you will be getting! You can pick your face, and probably download more faces. Cool watch, but you must charge it everyday and use it everyday to really have it be effective.

You will get the watch in a reset state and you will have to download the Google "Wear OS" to your phone, from the play store yourself and bluetooth link to the watch; after you charge the watch and pick your language. After all that you may want to attach to your google contacts list, update the app, etc.

Watch is responsive and does not lag. The watch is heavier than most watches and thick but not super heavy like a Rolex.

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